Best iPhone Apps for Toddlers and Kids


Best iPhone Apps

If you are tired of buying different toys for your kids, younger brothers, sisters then check these fabulous and best iphone apps for toddlers & kids. These apps will make them hate from other toys.

10) Smack Talk

$.99, iPad, iPhone, All ages

Annoying? Hilarious? You decide! This little app records anything your child chooses to say, and repeats it back in either a “high squeaky or low freaky voice” via a fuzzy critter interface (choose from a guinea pig, puppy, kitten or Chihuahua). This one’s sure to have your child in stitches.

9) American Museum of Natural History: Dinosaurs

Free, iPad, iPhone, All ages

If you have a paleontologist-in-the-making on your hands, this is the app to download. The interface begins with an amazing mosaic of dino photos (more than 800) that make up an image of a T-Rex. Your child can tap on any one of those images to drill down to information on the creature featured. This is definitely an app you’ll enjoy alongside your little one too.

8) Super Why!

$2.99, iPad, iPhone, Ages 3-6

Already a super-fabulous PBS show for the preschool set, Super Why! takes your child’s fave characters and delivers a bunch of gamelets where the alphabet, rhyming, spelling, writing and reading are all rolled out in fun ways. The catchy theme song will surely be playing in your head at 2am (sorry about that).

7) Jelly Car 2

$.99, iPad iPhone, Age 5 & up

The original Jelly Car was a breakout hit among hip kids, so it stands to reason that Jelly Car 2 will give your kidlet just as much chitty-chitty-bang-bang for the buck. With 30 new levels, three new modes (customization lets a player create their own JellyCar and puzzles), and new Sticky Wheels and Balloon abilities, your child might accidentally be learning something about physics and problem-solving while they play. (Shhhh — don’t tell.)

6) Disney Fairies Fly

$4.99, iPad, iPhone, Age 3 & up

If watching one of the three Tinkerbell movies over and over simply isn’t enough Tink for your pixie-lover, here’s your fairy-laden solution! Tilting of an iDevice allows your child to guide a chosen fairy through a beautifully rendered Pixie Hollow, collecting treasures and avoiding obstacles. App also includes wallpapers and still shots from the movies, plus mini videos.

5) Plants Vs. Zombies

$2.99 iPad, iPhone, Suggested for ages 9 & up

You’ve got about 50 plants on your team ready to do battle when 26 types of zombies come spoiling for a fight. Not your ordinary greenery, these shrubs know how to make mulch out of the brain-seeking ghouls. With 50 levels of addictive play, composting corpses has never been so amusing. For the older kids in your family (yes, you and your spouse included). 

4) Cut the Rop

$.99, iPad, iPhone, Ages 4 & up

An ugly-cute monster named Om Nom has to solve puzzles, using special tools like pulleys and catapults, and catch stars in order to score candy. This is the game that will keep your kid occupied for a verrrry long time on that cross-country road trip. You’re going to have to figure out when you’re going to get your turn.

3) Pocket Frogs

Free, iPad, iPhone, Ages 4 & up

Is your kid obsessed with amphibians? With this app, your child will be able to collect, trade and breed new frogs in customizable habitats. Can be played with other friends, and features more than 60 rewards to earn as they go along.

2) Parenting’s Birthday Party Playtime

$1.99, Ages 3 and Up

If your kids had fun with the adorable Toca Tea Party app, they’ll love the newest offering from Toca Boca and Parenting. This super-sweet app lets your kid have a birthday every day of the week. Let your kids gather ’round the phone to share birthday cake and more!

1) Helicopter Taxi

$1.99, iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad, Ages 3 & up

If your children are into transportation and making things go, Helicopter Taxi is a must-have app. Using augmented reality, this app uses the device’s camera to create an effect of a helicopter flying across the room with your children who, of course, are always on-the-go. By moving the device around, your little pilots steer the helicopter to wherever they want it to fly, and then land on different surfaces to pick up more passengers. The graphics are crisp and strikingly real – your kids will delight in being the navigators of their very own helicopter adventures.


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